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Ian Walton

M E M O R Y   L I N E S

An Exhibition of Mixed Media and Curiosities

KENDAL MUSEUM 30th April - 11th June 2016

Museums are important places of fascination and discovery: they fire the imagination of young and old alike through their collections of natural, scientific, artistic, extraordinary or even just everyday found objects of interest. They help visualise our history and engage us with our past. ‘Wonder Rooms’ or ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’ were the names given to early museums and it is these ideas that have significantly influenced the work of Ian Walton for this current show: Memory Lines. In this exhibition the work contains miscellaneous found objects and personal collections which are interpreted through constant exploration of materials and processes. The glass boxes and domes are directly influenced by the archives and artefacts found in Kendal Museum or hold a personal significance. The paintings and assemblages are often autobiographical containing narrative elements recalling incidents, places or memories over time as echoed in the museum collections. It is hoped that through this exhibition the visitor will become curious about the work, fascinated by the oddities and arrangements of objects, the significance they may hold or evoke, perhaps even enough to revisit the museum collections in the future, look again, think and discover more (before our small, northern museums become just memories).
  • Walton’s work is land based; land as metaphor for time and the mind.
    Just as nature preserves relics and fossils, Walton’s layerings
    of bitumen, metals, ash, wax paint and dust draw into the paintings
    particular memories, subjective and personal.

    - Emma Hill, Founder/Director The Eagle Gallery London -
  • Ian Walton has consistently produced work of a rare aesthetic resonance
    and poetic depth, that stand out proud from that of so many of his contemporaries...

    - Robert Clark, The Guardian -
  • Walton’s precisely descriptive titles might suggest studies of particular landscapes,
    but they are closer in spirit to visual diaries in which the artist records the emotions and sensations that
    the places evoked. Like the landscape itself, his surfaces are eroded, corroded, weathered and stained.

    - Rick Poyner, Writer/Editor -

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